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Ice Shader
A fast ice shader with refraction, fresnel effect, dripping water and a few more parameters.
Additionally contains randomly generated icicles.
Created with Unity.
Intern at Chasing Carrots
During my 6 month internship at Chasing Carrots I mostly developed with Unity, working on Pressure Overdrive and Heart of Scrap. For the later I programmed a computer agent, whose parameters were optimized using an evolutionary algorithm.

Keep Defense
A tower defense with levels generated at runtime and various traps like rolling rocks, catapults, burning tar etc.
Created with Unity.

Mage Duel VR
A small multiplayer virtual reality action game, where players fire spells using gestures of their hands.
Created with Unity using Oculus Rift DK2 and Razor Hydra.

Sound Planet
Synthesizer and sequencer visualized in a procedural 3D world and completely programmed in Unity.

Stratego Online
The board game Stratego as online multiplayer game, created with Javascript (AJAX) & PHP.
Unfortunately, due to legal reasons, this game isn't available here.

Breaking Ball

HTML5 browser game
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