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Hi, I'm Christopher Hauck.

Game Designer Programmer Writer Musician

Game Design.

Ever since I played my first computer game, I've been a passionate mapper. Since Warcraft 3 and its powerful map editor were released in 2002, I could live out this habit and create countless maps, pushing the limit of the program and implementing own game ideas, which I would then test online.

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During my media informatics studies (B.Sc.) I gathered knowledge about making films, layout, image editing, 3D modelling, texturing and 2D/3D animation. In addition, I improved my skills in both game development (game design as well as programming) and audio production, which are of particular interest to me. My previous experience as hobby programmer and a few semesters of maths/physics studies came in handy, as they schooled my analytical thinking. From september 2016 to february 2017 I gained work experience as programmer for Chasing Carrots, a game studio in Stuttgart.

The Right Soundtrack.

I've been creating electronic music for a few years already. In Flensburg I learned about professional recording techniques, mastering and scoring. There I have composed a heroic, archaic soundtrack for a computer game. Listen here.

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