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Here are the WarCraft III maps I made.
They are all in English or bilingual; the downloads are available on either or (no registration required).

If you have any questions concerning these maps feel free to contact me.
Furthermore, I have created a tool which is very helpful for creating tooltips in the editor.

Map on
The humans must build rails for a rolling train, while trolls and critters of the forest try to stop them.

City of Terror II
Map on
Action-packed remake of my Zombie-Survival-Shooter City of Terror with new scripted monsters, guns, skills and more! Also contains an arena mode.

City of Terror
Map on
An exciting put zombie survival map with jetpacks, walkable roofs, scary monsters and lots more!

Life of a Hero
Map on
'Life of a Peasant' kind of RPG map. Play one of many characters with scripted skills and prepare for the impending apocalypse!

A Desert Trip (Zombie Map)
Map on
A barricading zombie map with two teams.

Arcane Arena
Map on
Hero arena with scripted spells, dynamic and effective attributes and mighty bosses.

Map on
An implementation of Counter-Strike in WarCraft3 with multiple maps (de_, cs_, ctf_, fy_) and typical cs or zombie mod gameplay.

Diablo Builder
Map on
An implementation of Diablo I in WarCraft with huge item system. Work-in-progress (discontinued).

Map on
Classic cooperative tower defense ('Maul').

Risk: Zwergenhausen
Map on
Implementation of the board game Risk. Conquer all the land alone or in alliances.

Sheep Tag
Map on
Fast-paced remake of the WarCraft classic on a tiny map.

Square Tower Wars (STW)
Map on
Competitive tower defense with many units and various tactics.

Temple Escape
Map on
An entertaining race map where you have to overcome various obstacles.

The Golden Age Castlefight
Map on
The heroes of two fortresses fight against each other.

Undead Hero Siege
Map on
Eight heroes must shield a fortress against incoming undead and advance in plagued territory to extinguish the evil.

Zwergischer Erbfolgekrieg
Map on
Remake of Dwarven Succession War by IndIANer. Dwarves are fighting over dominance in teams of two.
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